Real Estate Marketing and Data Management

We work specifically with real estate and development professionals to provide industry-specific marketing, web, visual, and data management services

Real Estate
that's our specialty

SQFT Launch delivers measurable branding, marketing, advertising, data management, and sales consulting solutions for real estate developers and professionals. Real Estate is all we do - our services and solutions are specific to real estate and are custom-built to drive sales for each of our clients.



Pre-Build Buyer & Investor Marketing and Sales

Creating a solid marketing plan to provide sales material to generate buyer pre-sales or investor interest. Our visual modeling, web design, and buyer-targeting creative work gives developers a specific toolkit to launch their project.

On-going Marketing Management

You've broken ground, now SQFT steps in to give your sales office everything it needs to start selling - a core message, collateral, a web presence, consistent online and traditional advertising.

Turnaround Marketing & Strategic Analysis

We're ready to step in if internal and outside sales and marketing efforts are not moving your project forward. We'll analyze your current efforts and flip your messaging and collateral to super-charge your development.

Years of Experience

Our team of real estate marketing and sales professionals have years of experience with a unique and personal touch for each project - DiVosta, WCI Communities, Harbour Isle, Canopy Oaks, Ritz-Carlton, Atlantis, Frankel Enterprises, Punta Canna Resort, PGA America, Golden Bear International, Bonita Bay Group, Mason Simpson, Moraya Bay, and more.

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Web Development

Website Creation || Automated Lead Funnels || App Creation

The most powerful tool for any developer and their sales office is their website. SQFT specializes in developing powerful websites and apps that contain lead generation systems, 3D renderings, interactive 3D tours, mobile optimization, news releases, analytics tracking, and SEO optimized designs.

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Digital Marketing & Sales Funnel Creation

Email Marketing || Google Adwords (PPC) || Content Marketing || SEO || Social Media Marketing

Development of one transparent, integrated online marketing plan that utilizes all available online advertising tools. Retargeting ads, display ads, PPC Google ads, Content Marketing (Video and Blogs), SEO research and strategy, drip email campaigns, social media marketing, inbound...we do it all.

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Lead and CRM Data Management

Sales CRM Customization || Data & Lead Analysis || Lead Data Stream Integration || Information Backup

We're not just collecting leads for our clients, we set up a customer relationship management system (CRM) that allows your sales team to stay on track and quickly access information on potential leads and buyers. From the CRM, we create custom reports and analysis that can be viewed and shared by the sales team and management. If you already have a preferred CRM, we can create custom callback systems to import new lead data directly into your current system for a seamless launch of your new project.

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3D Video & Online Tours

Pre-Build 3D Renderings || Model Walk-Through Tours || Video Testimonials

The newest video, 3D, architectural, and interactive technologies are key components of our marketing services. Our visual services are one-of-kind and employ experts in their field. The 21st Century buyer responds most to interactive visual sales tools that we design for your pre-build, models, or spec homes. *The image next to this text is 100% made via computer software from minimum architectural plans as part of our marketing materials for two different properties that were not yet built.

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Powerful Creative

Buyer Messaging Strategy || Graphic Design || Branding & Logo || Print Collateral

Not just a logo, but branding and messaging specifically tailored for your target sales market. Creative that connects personally with your potential buyers - young families, wealthy singles, retirees, vacationers... we create a singular, powerful brand and creative suite that's integrated into every part of your property and marketing. Mailers, brochures, custom emails, lifestyle magazines, paper ads, billboards, and more.

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Traditional Advertising

Television || Newspaper || Magazines || Mailers || Billboards

Traditional advertising is still VERY POWERFUL for specific types of buyers. Our traditional advertising experts have years of experience in deciding on target markets and mediums to generate maximum foot traffic for your development. Much of our work in traditional advertising involves negotiating lower prices for our clients as well as providing all artwork and design needed to take advantage of this powerful asset that still brings in quality traffic for real estate development.

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Sales Office Setup & Consulting

Sales Office Design & Setup || Training || Strategy

Our sales setup and consulting team has years of experience in creating immersive on-site sales offices that give your sales team the confidence and tools to turn walk-ins into buyers. . Hiring a new on-site sales team? We bring in sales trainers who develop strategies to meet and exceed your sales goals and objectives.

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