Real Estate Internet Marketing – THE BLUEPRINT

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In today’s competitive world where online media rules, there are various ways to market real estate businesses. However, it is becoming difficult to present to the right customers, like any other online marketing discipline. Real estate agents often take the help of professionals to help them in the complex field of online marketing. A large online platform often makes it easy for the real estate businessmen to target the right kind of audience and to attract the customers to invest in their business.

A series of “secrets to success” in this business are listed out to help you to use the right real estate marketing strategies efficiently:

Build a professional website

Those who have mastered the strategy of online marketing know the importance of a professional website. There’s a huge difference between a regular website and a professional one. While building a website, you should focus on the aesthetics and functionality. You should ensure to address things like overall speed, ease of navigation, quality of the contents, the sharpness of the photos and other qualitative factors involved. There shouldn’t be too many advertisements and new contents and properties should be added to the website regularly. This ensures that the customer wants to check back on the new features.

Conduct 3D Scans/Videos

The 3D camera is one of the most effective tools used in real estate marketing. The system will stitch together a three dimensional model of the entire property where the buyer can fly through giving an actual depiction of the space. The use of 3D and Virtual Reality concepts is considered to be the most important technical advancement used in real estate marketing online.

Hire a real estate photographer

Photos play an important role in real estate business. People will eventually judge a book by the cover while browsing through thousands of listings and so the importance of photos shouldn’t be overlooked. The photos should be appealing and attract the customers among the long listings. Thus professional standards should be applied with the use of wide-angle lens and careful Photoshop editing.

Create video walkthroughs

Video walkthroughs give an insight into how a home is represented. This may not be a professionally shot video but can be a simple one, created using smart phones. This strategy will give a better sense to the customers to understand how the space looks in person.

Create a popular blog

You can start a blog over time to build a stable online platform and audience base. Create a useful blog about real estate and then start posting regularly. You can create infographics about home prices or any useful thing and the number of readers will increase slowly. This is one of the best ways to expand your target audience online.

Engage in content marketing

This is a great way to attract visitors to your website and blogs. You should identify external sites where you can market the content. It involves the development of useful and relevant content on popular authority sites, which link back to similar content on your site. However, the most important step in this regard is developing content to attract the customers.

Use Google Analytics

Google Analytics is required to track all sorts of metrics, related to content and website’s visitors. This is used to understand if the efforts are actually working or not. It deals with the efficiency of the posts, number of visitors, average session rate, etc.

Create a Lead Generation tool

This is one of the great tools for marketing real estate. Lead generation page is also known as squeeze page as it involves the squeezing of an email address of a visitor. It helps with the email marketing efforts in future.

Implement PPC advertising

PPC (price-per-click) is used to draw in traffic to your website to market the real estate offerings. The process is an expensive one as you have to pay for your visitors. You should be able to track where the user came from and whether or not it resulted in sale or lead. So an analytic system should be installed to avoid the wastage of money over this process.

Get social on Instagram

Instagram is a great platform to reach out to a greater audience. You can post photos and videos of your real estate or capture some other relevant lifestyle imagery. You can connect with others by searching for relevant hashtags and observe your competitor’s online activities as well.

Reach out to Social Media Influencers

You have to search for the right social media influencer on the right platform that you can collaborate with. This is highly useful for small budgets where you can access thousands of prospective users without building a big profile. However, you should ensure that the users are legitimate.

Use Email marketing campaigns

You can develop a way of collecting the email addresses and marketing to those users. A few systems let you create landing pages using which you can collect the email addresses of the users.

Build a system for referrals

Using a system for referrals, you can network with your clients after a few successful transactions, and ask them to refer to their friends and family. You can also offer some gifts or discounts in exchange for referrals.

Setup a local business page on Google

Setting up a local business page is highly beneficial if you can target the right keywords in the page. You have to enter business information, its location among other parameters.

Focus on brand awareness

Building your brand in real estate field is very important. You can build a professional logo, rightly convey your message to the clients using this logo, and create a business plan. These are the basic aspects for your brand to expand.

Build a Facebook page

Facebook is the biggest resource which contains the largest subset of the target audience. After creating the Facebook business page, you should advertise your business for online marketing. This is highly useful when you are new into the business. You should ensure to be active on the Facebook page and continuously keep the audience updated with your posts but you shouldn’t spam. Maintain proper tactics, composure, and decorum in order to succeed in the business in long run.