“Resources” Offering in Real Estate Marketing Tips and How-To’s

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With the launch of the SQFT website, a new section of manuals and guides to being a better real estate marketer and sales professional is coming. The collection, that will be housed under the “Resources” page of the SQFT Launch website, will include multiple articles and PDF downloads for various guides including, “Real Estate Social Media Marketing 101”, “Facebook Advertising for Real Estate”, “Simple Automated Marketing Processes”, “Sales CRM Basic Customization Guide”, and many other simple resources for any real estate professional.

Matt Burkhead, SQFT’s CEO and Digital Technology Manager, is leading the project and claims it will be a quasi-insider’s look at real estate marketing.

“We really hope this Resource section is a helpful guide for developers and other real estate marketing and sales professionals who want to know more about what we do and how they can do simple things every day to help their bottom line. It’s not as complicated as most of our services, but there are little things we do every day in these guides.”

As new topics are developed, guest authors and commentary from developers and builders will be added to the guide. The guides will make up parts of an e-book from SQFT that’s set to be released during the fall.